I moved up to the 70-pound kettlebell for two-handed swings on Monday and did fine. I finished swings on Tuesday before it began to snow. I moved inside to do getups. On Wednesday and Thursday, I did everything inside. Because I was working in my living room, I used the 35-pound kettlebell for one-handed swings and did 200 reps. The 35-pound bell feels light, but I don’t want to risk dropping anything heavier in the house. There is still snow in my driveway now, so I will probably work inside on Friday too.

My current S&S program

Prying goblet squats
16 kg kettlebell – 3 x 5 = 15 reps, 525 pounds

Goblet squat curls
16 kg kettlebell –3 x 5 = 15 reps, 525 pounds

Halos: 16 kg kettlebell – 3 x 10 = 30 reps, 1050 pounds

One-handed swings
16 kg kettlebell – 10 x 10 L/R = 200 reps, 7000 pounds

16 kg kettlebell – 5 x 1 L/R = 10 reps, 350 pounds

Total weight: 9450 pounds

I decided to skip training on Wednesday because I was hungry and my wife was home when it was time to train. Later in the day, I decided to train. I had to deal with a curious golden retriever during my getups, but things worked okay.

My massage therapist started commenting on muscle growth more than a month ago – arms, back, legs. I have begun to notice that my legs are bigger over the past week or so.