Week fifteen went smoothly. I completed 200 one-handed swings on the days I trained inside my house and 100 two-handed swings when I trained outside. Though I can’t remember ever dropping the 32 kg bell, I don’t want to risk it inside my house, so I save it for outside work.

I was feeling good enough on Wednesday of this week to experiment with doing a few military presses and pull-ups along with the Simple and Sinister program. Doing a few one-arm presses with the 16 kg bell was easy. Doing five pull-ups was easy. I was amazed that I don’t seem to have lost any pull-up strength after taking a vacation from them for the past 15 weeks. However, I suffered sharp pain in my right shoulder while doing pull-ups and the shoulder has remained aggravated ever since. Curiously, I am not suffering any loss of strength, but my range of motion has fallen and I experience pain in some positions. I am suspending pull-ups again.

My current S&S program (5 days per week)

Prying goblet squats
16 kg kettlebell – 3 x 5 = 15 reps, 525 pounds

Goblet squat curls
16 kg kettlebell –3 x 5 = 15 reps, 525 pounds

Halos: 16 kg kettlebell – 3 x 10 = 30 reps, 1050 pounds

Two-handed swings M-W-F
32 kg kettlebell – 10 x 10 = 100 reps, 7000 pounds

One-handed swings T-Th
16 kg kettlebell – 10 x 10 L/R = 200 reps, 7000 pounds

16 kg kettlebell – 5 x 1 L/R = 10 reps, 350 pounds

Total weight: 9450 pounds
Weekly total: 47,250 pounds